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Benelli M1S90 in Action (HD Video)


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Wow, awesome shooting! The black dude ran that Benelli like a champ!


I am curious about one thing though. Why do the shell caddies have such a low drop on them? I've never seen em like that.


We decided to make them in house and each of us put a little variation on them. The guy with the pump has his cascading and I decided to drop all of mine low but unfortunately, it has the side effect of looking like a skirt. :eek:


Nice shooting.

Made reloading that M1S90 look easy.


Is it me or did the M1 seem to run smoother/faster than the Saiga12?




The shooter of the Saiga 12 is one of our new guys. That is his second time shooting a shotgun and his first time with my Saiga. The M1 definitely shoots smoother and the only edge that the Saiga has is it's 12+ round reload.

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