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Warne BAR scope rail and maxima rings work great.


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I just got myself a .30-06 barrel for my R1, but it didn't come with the $135 picatiny rail from Benelli. I read almost every thread on this forum, and was worried about aftermarket rails on the beveled barrel. So today, I mounted up the Warne BAR Aluminum Base and the Maxima 1" rings (Medium height). The rail fit perfectly and the rings are Weaver style, so they matched up good, too. Mounted a new Nikon Monarch UCC 3-9x40 and it fit just right. I'd say there might be room for maybe a 42 mm objective, but not more. The Warne base was $20 at Cabela's and the rings were $30. Way cheaper than the Benelli base, even though it's aluminum. I'd of preferred a steel base, but Warne didn't make one and other options were limited.


So I mounted my scope and went to the range. It hit about 7" low and 5" to the left out of the box at 50 yards. Adjusted the vertical and windage, and it shot nice tight groups at 100 yards, dead on about an inch high. I didn't check, but I don't think I'm close to maxing out the vertical adjustment either. Everything fit like a glove and I couldn't be happier on the performance of the 20" barrel .30-06. Used cheapo Federal soft points in 150 grains, and the 165 grain core-lokts worked just as good. Hopefully I get the same performance from the Fusions and the Barne TSX's. Gonna be a great hog hunting rig.


On a side note, the Nikon scope has amazing clarity. Nikon had a $100 off deal in October, so I got it for $199 from Nikon directly. I would say that it's as clear, if not clearer, than my Zeiss conquest on the .300 win mag barrel. I don't care for the BDC reticle, but can live with it for that price. The promotion from Nikon is over, but I still found some under $250 on gunbroker and ebay.


Just thought I'd share something positive for once about the R1 and hopefully help out anyone looking for aftermarket scope base and rings.

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Warne quality is really high and their CS is even better, Jerry has been a wealth of information and has earned my business the proper way, with just flat out taking care of me above and beyond what he has to do! Not many Companies that will do that in todays economy! They make rings and bases for numerous other manufacturers and people that do not like vertical rings need to try a few sets, i have had no issues and have never had an optic move around in a properly installed set of their rings! All 3 of my Weatherby's wear them and if they do not move in them they will not move, i did have to shim my last mount in the rear but Leupold sent me some free steel shims and 1 shim worked out and gave me back my 8 3/4 moa!:)

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