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Floating 4th shell in SBEII


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This issue has come up more than a few times while in the blind, and I would like to know a little more about it. Can someone please explain this theory in a little more detail. I know its illegal, unethical, and unsportsmanlike, but sometimes you just want to know how.

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It is not illegal if the use is legal. That is why we have magazine limiters for specific hunting i.e. upland/migratory bird hunting. There are many other hunts that have no restrictions on shell capasity. I wrote about the SBE/Montrefeltro(20) some time ago on this forum. I am not sure if it applies to rthe SBE II. Do a search on it. Best, Robert ;) "floating the fourth round" is the post smile.gif


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Originally posted by Waylon:

ok, if anybody has their SBEII with these capabilities, can we possibly get a picture?

I don't know if this will help you with the SBEII, but below are links to a picture I took this morning of the underside of two of my M1S90 bolts. Maybe the SBEII bolts are similar enough that you'll know where to look for the extra cut.

BenelliBolts (small JPG, 60KB, less detail, quicker download)


BenelliBolts (large JPG, 564KB; same picture, more detail, but longer download)


The newer bolt in the pics is on the left, with the finger-curved bolt handle. This came from a newer M1 Tactical, and will NOT do the extra shell on the carrier.


The older bolt is on the right, and will do the extra shell on the carrier. It came from an older HK-marked M1 Field.


The only difference between the two bolts is the extra horizontal cut on the lower-right side of the bolt. (Use the dime in the pic as a reference: FDR is eyeballing the extra cut.)


Each bolt works in either of my M1S90 shotguns. The extra shell capability follows the bolt without the additional cut across the bottom.


Looks like a little J-B Weld to fill in the cut, or some careful welding/brazing, followed by a little time precision grinding the fill area smooth and level with the rest of the bottom of the bolt, should get you Benelli owners with the newer-style bolt that extra shell capacity you're looking for.


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Stupidly, I asked our state warden about it in January.


I guess there was a big rumor in the early 90's that SBE's were being confiscated because they 'could' float a fourth shell.


He said that many, many, years ago, a few hunters (maybe 2-3 total) were actually observed shooting four shells on a federal refuge. The feds made the bust and sucessfully confiscated the SBE's.


All the hype out here came from those few cases.


He said that for him to care, he would have to view/hear the four shell volley, know the shooter was alone, and be certain that the shooter was floating a fouth shell in the field. I asked if that had ever happened and he laughed and said it would almost be impossible to prove.


But the guys that are JB welding are not helping their own defense if caught.


If suspected of floating, and facing a judge, how will the shooter explain the JB weld?


Wardens of all kind read these websites - they know about all the tricks.


Wardens and judges may not be totally hip to reality, but they are not stupid.....


mudhen - CA

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