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QD sling attachment points on an M4 w/ Urbino Stock???


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I have an M4 w/ Kip's full length tube, an Aimpoint H-1 in a Larue Mount, and soon to have the Urbino w/ cheek riser. I need to get front and rear QD fittings so I can use my existing LaRue QD slings. The Urbino was originally supposed to come with a built in QD - but I guess it got dropped. Any tips on how to mosty effeciently do this?

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I did see that thread. Let me refine my question:


When using an Urbino stock, what are the options for installing a female QD receptacle on the rear of the shotgun (i.e. rearward of the trigger)?


I know Mesa Tactical has a QD female product that works w/ the C-Stock - but not with Urbino or fixed stock.


I prefer the QD fittings to the alternatives because I only pop on my slings when going out to the field - I keep them removed when the firearms are in the house in their home defense positions.


All my other long guns are QD front and rear. This also saves me on slings as I have less slings than long guns that are QD sling ready to go.



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Download the Mesa catalog. For the rear, they make several QD options for the Urbino. For the front, they make a female QD option the mounts between the barrel and mag tube. Or you could mount some pic rail using either the KZ mount or the Surefire M80 handguard and then get a Daniel Defense or similar female QD mounting point that attaches to the rail.

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