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M4 ammo preference for target shooting


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I'm looking to stock up on some target ammo for my M4 for training. What do you all like to run through your Benelli M4 when it comes to the following ammo. I would like to run quality ammo, but cost savings is also important.



00 buck




Your input is appreciated!

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I like Federal 127 OO and 127 RS, these are Federal's standard OO buck and rifled slugs. When it comes to target shooting I like to shoot what runs good in my gun and what I keep for defense and zombie shooting. This is also the ammo I'm currently stockpiling. The Gander Mountain by my house doesn't have any, cause I bought them all :). Why practice with anything other than my primary ammo.

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What do you mean by "target shooting?"


If by target shooting you mean SIGHTING IN, then you need to experiment with what works for YOU and YOUR M4. Trial and error, experiment, look for all different kinds of shotshells. Both Buckshot and Slugs!


In my experience the 2.75" buckshot has patterned *MUCH* better than 3"


Now, I think that you're wasting money :eek: (a LOT of money) by target shooting with buck and slugs all the time. For my shooting, I always use birdshot. Promo loads that I can find the cheapest that I know cycle my M4. I figure most of my drills are for weapon handling.


Put in 2-5 live shells with 1-2 dummy rounds, fill up my side saddle. That way you practice malfunction reactions, reload drills, multi-shot strings.


My 10 year-old can shoot the nine shots in the tube just as easily as anyone else. BUT, how many people can shoot, clear malfunction, empty, combat reload etc, without losing their cool, being smooth and fast?


Just my $.02.


So, for T&E, shoot what you can find, keep a log for buck & slug.


Just putting rounds down the launch tube to enjoy the greatest shotgun on earth, save your $$ use promo(inexpensive) shotshells.


Blowing up water bottles and fruit, I recommend the slugs tho! God that is just too funny! :D

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