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Cleaning Shotgun and Chokes???


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I concur. Leave choke tubes in while scrubbing the barrel. Once damanged, thus why take the risk?, your choke tube barrel screws will never be the same.


Now for my question of the day, after patterning my new Super Black Eagle II 3.5" I have found I shoot high and left consistenly. I want to adjust shims and re pattern, which should I use?

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I got a question, I use a cleaning rod and a paper towel and hoppe's elite gun cleaner and a cordless drill on low speed to clean mine. I have done this with my mossy for years, is this a bad thing.


I just feed the paper towel through the cleaning rod eye, then wrap it in the direct the drill will spin, soak the paper towel with cleaner and run it down the barrel a couple times...then follow it in the same manner with no cleaner on the paper towel, I clean the choke in the same manner.


can I damage anything doing this, the drill doesnt spin very fast at all, and i can have my barrel spotless in about 2 minutes.

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there are tons of people that use them, I just dont like any metal to metal cleaning....


however any barrel that is capable of firing steel shot through it should have no problem with a copper brush....I just dont use them, just seems like it would put more wear on a barrel than you really need to clean something.


just my 2 cents.

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