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optics vs. my m4's stock iron sights?


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Hello all,


This is kind of a two-part question.


I'm setting up my m4 for home defense primarily.


I'm thinking about the urbino (and also potentially kip's replacement picatinny rail), but had a couple questions.


1. does having a cheek riser installed create a less than ideal cheek weld for shooting through stock iron sights?


2. what are the advantages of an optic over the stock iron sights or a tritium front dot?


I'm a strong believer in KISS and also don't see myself really engaging anything beyond 10-15 yards. The only thing i can think of would be an end-of-the-world hunting situation, but other than that, I'm not sure what the advantages of an optic would be. Again, in a home defense or LA riot type scenario in an urban/ suburban setting, I'm not likely to engage anything beyond 20 yards at the most (across the street/ down the block).


At this point, I'm leaning towards the urbino with limbsaver but without the cheek riser for economical reasons.


Any input is greatly appreciated!





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The Meprolights are nice. The rear set are very small lamps. Most think this is a bad thing, but they are designed to be small on purpose. Their intent isn't for you to align the 3 dots. It is to offer you a visual frame of reference to where the rear sights are.


If you buy some, get a 5.5mm wrench ahead of time to get the front sight apart. Many would opt that you replace the retaining nut rather than reuse it. It can be found at Brownells.

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For me having an optic means I can shot and aim with both eyes opened.


By the way, Midway USA is having a special on Aimpoint micro R-1.

I can't post a link since I'm new so do a search on it.


I found out about this on M4carbine.net. It's basically a silver H-1 model.


The R-1 is being discontinued which is why they're doing a blowout sale.


I just picked one up for my M4.

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