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night sights....anybody know


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Gonna install meprolights on the m4 and was lookin to order the nylon front sight nut, but Brownells seems to be out of stock. They have 2 separate listings....one nut for the M4 that is 8.99 which is the out of stock one.....but then another one that isnt as specific but says super 90. Is there a difference in the nuts? The meprolight GR's supposedly fit the newer m1's and m4's. Or does anybody else have a source for the nylon nut for the m4 front sight besides brownells?

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You can live with reusing the existing nut so long as you don't mangle it. Just apply a small amount of blue locktite and it should be good to go.



Part Number 101.


This is the part that you need:



As you mentioned, it's backordered. It's the only place I've seen them for sale. You could try to call Benelli and cry. Say it shook loose or something. They might just send you one for free.


BTW, you need a 5.5mm open ended wrench for this nut.

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I have a couple of zinc plated, nylon patched locknuts, I can send you if that'll get you out of a pinch.


Cool I may take you up on it. . Im gonna wait until I install the sight and also after I check the hardware store. . . But if I get in a jam. . I may pm you. . .thanks again

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nice....now how do I know if thats the right threading i need? Also, is the entire nut nylon or just the little ring inside? I am wondering about the integrity of a complete nylon nut....as it is it sounds like everybody is rounding the edges on the metal ones


The 3mm x .5mm nut fits both my M2 and M4, with factory and Mepro sights.


On these stainless nuts, just a little nylon ring at the top, I'm assuming the nylon nut above is one piece.


PM me your addy and I'll drop a few of these stainless ones in the mail to you.

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