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I often wonder if the year was 1946 and people were trying to push unreasonable gun control laws, what are brave veterans would of had to say about that.


A fascinating question. I had three grandfathers--yeah, that's right, three--who fought in WW2. Each was infantry, and only one ever picked up a firearm after the war. He died in the 60's of skin cancer. I doubt that the two who never picked up firearms after the war would have raised a finger to defend firearms rights, and I knew them pretty well.

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SgtCathy's description is pretty accurate on how the police state would respond.


Of the 75 rounds fired, less than 5% would make contact. :)


Now, sell me on the good parts about living under tyranny.






The economy is currently still way better in NY than in AZ from all that I've researched.


As soon as that changes, I'm moving ... and AZ is on my short list. My brother is at ASU and loves it, may move out there with him when he graduates this year.


But you already know that.

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Yeah ... If I could get a six-figure job in Texas, AZ, or even back up in Washington (where I hail from) I'd work really hard to split Illinois. I cannot stand this state. Its a state full of nice, simple people, that are politically overpowered by a bunch of urban knuckleheads that just seem to hate any kind of freedom that doesn't involve choosing the genders of sexual partners they prefer. The in-laws are here, so it would be difficult to pry the wife away, but the promise of not having to work--hence my need for a six-figure salary--would be a good motivator.

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The income difference is worth considering. I made that choice myself when I escaped the PRC. Sure, I'd make more money there. I'd also pay 5x as much for a home 2x smaller than I have now. I could pay their great tax rate as well and get nothing for a return. I could succumb to the State revenue generators for every minor infraction.


Out here, the milky way is visible every moonless night. Coyotes howl in the distance every so often. Want to go hiking at night with the Benelli? No problem, the only thing stopping you here is laziness. When I lived in the PRC, we'd have to drive 200 miles to get away from people. We ended up near Baker, California three times a year to escape. Here, I can walk onto Federal BLM land from my house and be lucky to see or hear anyone all day long. I heard more gunfire in LA at night than I do out here. Where do you think I feel safer? Multiculturalism helll or here where evil citizens carry guns?


Take a trip, avoid the big cities like Phoenix or Tuscon. Avoid the tourist traps. Starve these other liberal helll holes out of their revenue until they start feeding upon themselves (already happening.)


A living wage where you are free is far better than more where you're a slave.

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