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  1. mine is too, kip just charged my cc, does that mean he's shipping soon?
  2. I was referring to the knuckle. Thanks for clarifying the info everyone. I wish that briley fit the M4. GG&G it is in a few paychecks.
  3. I'd heard about the GG&G slicing up your knuckle as you pull the bolt back. Any comment on the ergonomics of it, how well does it function and not chew up your hand. Mind you this was only one comment. So I'd like to get others opinions. Thanks!
  4. I would go with reduced lead, it's better for them. AS for better at hitting them out of the sky, no idea :-D
  5. But if you have to run out the door, that's 2 more rounds up front for 2 more zombies!! Seriously though I suspect the reason was it's better to have a lighter weapon and have the ammo on your person where the weight doesn't slow you down?
  6. I'm curious as well, before I take a class. I just ordered Kip's handle/ti tube. I was debating the side armor to hold a light.
  7. Look Paw I shot it!! (sweeps weapon 100 degrees). "the compound" OMG people and videos like this give the gun control lobby way too much power over the rest of us. le sigh
  8. steven765

    A American M-4

    Does anyone else find the appearance of this just after the ATF study on the importability of shotguns.... suspicious?
  9. Just curious if there's been any news on the trigger front?
  10. I've got the x400 on my AR, love it. Though unless you want the laser I'd get the x300 and save the $$, you can put the extra money into the remote tape switch.
  11. What about this one> http://www.mountsplus.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Store_Code=MSP&Screen=PROD&Product_code=130-CDM-MT-3 It looks like you could still disassemble the M4 if you mount it below to the magazine.
  12. the nordic +1 fits the carrier comp tube? Their website says their +1 will only fit their tubes? Which parts did you use? Links if you can.
  13. A few posts back someone was selling them for 225$
  14. I agree, anything past the light and a simple shell carrier is only tacticool IMHO. The surefire forend with the push switches fits the bill for what most will need. Now when I have to go play in the sandbox, sure I might want a few things extra, but there's a need. At home meh it's just extra $$ and weight. he11 even over there it's extra weight and paperwork. So I'd definitely be interested if surefire would extend the m2 forend to fir the M4. *note I don't mean this to include the upgrades such as stock, bolt release, ti tube as those have applications in both realms. Nor do I
  15. Dolly Parton! That's famous titles Mr. Connery.
  16. Yet these don't have to be shipped to an FFL? Soo if you hide it in your basement forever you're set when the zombies come.
  17. Just wondering about status, haven't heard anything in a while. Last I heard they were waiting on engineering sign off for plating.
  18. Yea except they don't cycle so well.
  19. That was kind of my point. In extereme low light, aka pure darkness they're great, anything else you're SOL
  20. They suck, they're great at night, like super low light. However, in daylight they don't have the white ring of the trijicon's. I might take mine off actually and send them off to be drilled for the trijicon's. As for installing go pickup an iginition wrench set at sears ~17$, it has the 5.5 and the 4mm wrenches needed for the install. I used the 5.5 on the nut, but getting the new front sight in is made a lot easier because the 4mm wrench can hold the blade in place
  21. Careful there... Russian women are known for their beauty and their brawn. And the speed with which one turns into the other. Ever notice they seem to go from this http://t2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTcm2IRjf06cggXwWdxGH5cnttY5I8j2mnywH7HIpfxAXQyVYv6-A to this; in the blink of an eye. http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRk7ZuVlLrZwAvaQ-c5EDqg1rVe1WZdC_8cukCzR1zGtW3oklERjg
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