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Spacer for Supernova Pistol Grip stock


Would you buy a spacer for the Supernova to be able to field strip the trigger group?  

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  1. 1. Would you buy a spacer for the Supernova to be able to field strip the trigger group?

    • Why didn't Benelli think of this? **** yeah!!!
    • Nah, i like carrying around a bunch of tools...

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I know I'm new to this forum but I have to ask (and please excuse me if this is a dead horse as I searched for this topic) but has anyone made, know someone who sells, or would be interested in a spacer to space off the pistol grip stock so that you can field strip the trigger group? To me, the fact that you can not drop out the trigger group without having to remove the buttstock is unacceptable.


I'd be interested first in knowing if anyone sells a spacer.


If no one does, I have no problem in designing one and getting it fabricated (I'm a mechanical designer).


If I did end up creating a spacer to accomplish this task, would that be something other Supernova owners would be interested in getting? I ask because I'd ask for qty breaks in the quote... I imagine a 6061-T651 spacer, anodized matte black and mil-spec hardcoated would do the trick.


So... Thoughts? Feedback?



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Alright, now that it's the weekend, I'm going to get on this. My initial thoughts, based on your feedback as well, would be a spacer with a sling loop on one side so that it can be installed ambidextrously. Does anyone wamt it without the sling loop? For those that do want it, did you change out your buttstock to something else that doesn't have one? Why did you change out?


I figure I'll have it done by the end of the weekend, and out to quote on Monday.


It might be a little pricey for a small batch, especially with the anodization and hard-coating. I'll post up what they'll cost, pics etc, after I get this proto made.


Find more people who would be interested because that'll help drive down fabrication costs.



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Well, also noticed that I wouldn't be able to post pics on here due to stupid post counts... so... when I get the proto made (probably a little over a week) I'll post my email for contact and I'll send you pics and pricing, and maybe someone with a higher (absolutely ridiculous forum feature BTW) post count can post the images.




...and maybe Benelli should focus on designing their firearms with a little bit more "common sense", and not on trying to limit new forum user's privileges, but hey what do I know, right?

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Alright, I think I have the answer to this. I think how I'll solve the sling loop is to make a nub with a clearance hole for a QD sling swivel (Blackhawk Lok-Down, etc). This way, it is still a single design spacer that gives the option to mount a sling, but it doesn't have a huge loop for those that do not want it (also me).


What I'm talking about is the little hole forward of the front grip that even Benelli puts there stock.



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Interesting idea. I am curious as to how it would look and feel. There would be a gap between the back of the trigger guard and the PG. It would also increase the distance to reach the trigger and safety. If you make it too long you might not be able to screw the rear stock back on to the rifle. I would prefer one without a sling attachment.

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Right now the spacer is 6.35mm (1/4") thick. The 2 pins on the buttstock that index the buttock vertically are 3.7m mm fro my best measurement. I'm making receiving holes for them in the spacer and on the other side, there will need to be 2 pressed pins matching the buttstock ones. Or I can have these machined out of the face. Also, to address your concern of the buttstock not bolting on, this is a simple fix with an extended length bolt... Working on this right now... Also from what I've noticed is that a spacer might not be needed. Reason: the front of the trigger group has a lip that makes you rotate the trigger group out of the receiver. Is this lip necessary? Maybe. I don't see why it is with the 2 pins already holding the trigger group in place...

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uh... not really. im not going to model up the whole shotgun, unless Benelli pays me to. Actually, I might do it for future design requests, but getting the whole thing accurately modeled will take some time.


The first version shows a "filler" lower tab to help fill in the gap in between the trigger guard and the pistol grip. This will help keep crud out of the pistol grip as well.


The second version is for those that wouldnt like the extended lower tab.



I'm going to see if I can get one made on our rapid prototype machine at work and test fit it.

I'll send Dntama an install pic. Thank you DT for posting my pics.


I'm still up for suggestions or comments.



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