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M4 922R compliance parts source requested


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Hello from a Newbee here.

I just purchased a new M4 and would like to add the full length magazine tube, but want to be in compliance with 922R.

Where should I be looking for the tube, forearm and other parts so to comply?

I look forward to becoming a solid contributing member here down the road.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or thoughts.


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There are many options. Some, we are waiting on for release.


For a fixed pistol grip model M4, you need to replace 3 parts with US made production units. If using the factory collapsible stock, you need 4 parts.


1. Full length magazine tube. Kip's from carriercomp is the best value. You get a US made follower and a Wolff spring.


2. Magazine tube follower, see #1.


3. US made forearm. Freedom Fighter Tactical has a stock reproduction unit due for release. It's cheap and lightweight. Surefire has a rail system, the m80. I find the factory stock to be a better solution unless you plan on running a AFG on the bottom rail.


4. Urbino stock. Shorter LOP.


5. Carriercomp hammer, we're waiting on this items release.


6. Carriercomp disconnector, we're waiting on this items release.

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Um, what he said.


Can't wait for these other parts. :D


Same here, I was waiting for the FFT forend but I couldn't take it anymore and I bought the surefire M80. I watched the Magpul videos so now I want the Magpul forgrip.. :D It looks comfortable and tremendously useful. Still waiting for carriercomp's bolt handle, hammer, disconnector, follower, and whatever else they release. Trying not to think about it though, the suspense is building.

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curently have:

Surefire M80

Gear Sector offset Mount for Surefire 6P series light- FDE

Gear Sector QD sling mount - FDE

Gear Sector weapon controls- FDE

Magpul sling- FDE

Magpul AVFG- FDE


thinking about adding Tango Down rail covers. The AVFG and weapon controls(mounted left and right side of forgrip behind lightmount & sling mount) are very comfortable

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Have any pictures of that Surfrat?


Not yet, just got everything put together and will be heading out to the range on Sunday..cant wait:D. The weapon controls coupled with the AVFG really lock your hand onto the forgrip, I will give a range report after Sundays trip and will try to get some pictures posted when I get some time or will PM you some pics when I get my post count up

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