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SBE 2 Field to Slug barrel advice


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I thinking of ordering a SBE 2. I want the APG one. The primary purpuse is for hunting deer. Do you think it would be better to order the field barrel one , then buy the slug barrel. Does the forend need to be changed or will it fit both barrels. The gun looks to be tapped for a scope mount correct.I was looking at one at the dealer and I see the 4 marks for a mount. Are these just rubber plugs? Burris makes a mount for the SBE 2 so I just want to make sure before I order one. What do you think would be a good price for the slug barrel. My friend thinks I'm nuts to spend this kind of money for a slug gun. I have a older Remington 1187 now without a rifled barrel. I might try goose hunting this year. That is why I'm thinking of getting both barrels.

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The newer (crio) slug barrels and the field barrel are the same outside diameter, so a different forearm would not be needed. If you purchased a used ER Shaw slug barrel, then you would need a different forearm as it has a greater outside diameter.

As for which way to go, I would call customer svc and see what prices are and what is available.

If you buy the slug gun, you would need the barrel and chokes. If you go the other route, you would only need the rifled barrel. If you need it now, are both options in stock? If you want to buy the barrel used, it would probably be easier to find the field barrel.

Slug barrel: ER Shaw doesn't have sights. Newer ones do. On both, scope would attach directly to the barrel, just pop out the plugs for the base.

Hope this helps.

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'If I get a SBE 2 with the field barrel,will the slug barrel fit with

the same forend? Or am I better off getting the slug gun. I would like

0ne gun with 2 barrels.'



You will need a slug forend to fit it if you buy the field barrel

version 1st..better off to get the slug version..you'll save some $$

that way too...

To: Customer9

Subject: BenelliUSA.com Comment



This is what Benelli emailed me. Also this.

When the slug barrels were developed for the guns only 3 inch slugs existed..so the slug barrel specifically is only for 2 3/4 and 3 inch slug rounds evne if the gun is bought brand new with the barrle on it already....the field barrels are all cut to take a 3 1/2 inch round as well...so if oyu put a field sloth bore on there it will take up to a 3 1/2 no problem for geese...



Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 10:38 AM

To: Customer9

Subject: BenelliUSA.com Comment




'With the SBE 2 in APG with the slug barrel, It shows it can only shoot a 3 inch slug. If I buy the

field barrel will it shoot the 3 1/2 round for geese. Is that info correct or will the slug gun

shoot a 3 1/2 slug.




So I will order the slug gun. Then down the road the field barrel. They say the forend will work when going from the slug to field barrel. But not if I ordered the SBE 2 with the field barrel. What is the best price for a SBE 2 in APG with the slug barrel.

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Dont get the slug barrel if it didnt come with it already on! I have an sbe ii with a satin walnut finish, its easily a 1,000 dollar project all said and done.(whatever anyone tells you trust me i know im going through **** trying to figure this out you DO need a new forend to accomadate the thicker barrel it is not the same i have the crio slug 24" matte black) after the barrel $600 the forend $165 then scope rings and bases. But whats most frustrating about the ordeal is benelli promised me that the forend on their site would work, so i bought it and it didnt work. I bought one from midwestgunworks.com also it didnt work. And what i mean when i say didnt work is that they looked like cheap chinese knockoffs made from balsa wood and stained with maple syrup. Nowhere and i mean nowhere close to looking like it matched the stock. All im asking for is the exact style forend on my field barrel. So im on try number 3 trying to get the right one, wish me luck and just know what your getting into if you decide to do this, its a pain and everyone i spoke to at benelli acted as if i was an annoyance for even asking where to find it and rushed me off the phone. Benelli is a great gun i own two of them but after being left in the dark by benelli on this im done giving them my money im sorely dissapointed by the whole experiance.

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Although I own the SBEII 12ga. MAX4 (smooth), I had a hard time justifying spending an extra $600-700 for a slug barrel up here in Canada for just 1 week of use...luckily I managed to find a M2 20gau on sale w/rifled barrel so I have my designated set up for deer season from now on. If you got the funds, buy the slug barrel for the SBE, however if I was in your shoes I'd try to buy a designated slug gun....**** if I knew now what I did 3 years ago I would have skipped on SBE and bought the M2 and saved, very few scenario's will require you to use 3 1/2" ammo

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