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please excuse my ignorance


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what happened to all the extension tubes..back in 97ish the 4 shot tube was $40 bucks so i figured after 13 years its time for a new shotty...well suffice to say that m1 super 90 HK marked shotty i bought for $700 with a free 4 shot tube is a thing of the past...suffice to say i did a little checking as i kinda wanted a new m4..i liked the collapsable stock and all then i find the m4 is like $1500 ish and the fun stock is another $350ish (i paid $55 for a PG stock back then) and no extension tubes..well anyhow i guess the benelli stuff i have is far more valuable then i thought and will just look for a new to me but used m4..how do the aftermarket tubes work?..back then if it wasnt benelli wrapper it never worked...thanks...

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One of the guys on here is selling his lightly used M4 for a good deal. 308 is in his user name. I think it was 1350?


You can get the collapsible stocks from HK on here for like 265 shipped.


The carriercomp titanium magazine tube is better than the factory benelli tube. It's 5.5 ounces lighter. Won't rust. Superior machining. Better finish. Higher quality spring. Complies with 922 parts requirements. It's about 189 if I recall. It comes with a US made follower too, so you're half way towards your 922 compliance goal when using a collapsible stock.


M4's ain't cheap.

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Titanium magazine tube:



If you're entertaining the idea of mounting anything to the top rail, do yourself a favor and go ahead about buy this rail when you order your mag tube. There is no better mounting surface than this for the M4, period.



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