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NEW Benelli M5???


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We had/have the flechette rounds since the Vietnam War, place in town loaded them in 90mm to 175 mm rounds as I recall. Thousands of them in the big round.

Made the darts on converted nail making machines. Could detonate the round at the muzzle or ? down range.....

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XM1028 Canister in the linked video is muzzle action. It is indeed a large "shotgun shell."




The 90mm M580 and M546 105mm APERS-T (flechette, AKA "Beehive." AKA "Nails") tank rounds are fuse actuated and can be set for specific ranges. They are pre-set for muzzle action.


APERS would put a lot of eyes out but the flechettes had little penetration as they had little mass (8 grains?) and lost velocity rapidly. The .40 caliber pellets are more effective.


Novelty 12ga shotgun rounds are usually available filled with flechettes. Don't depend on them to stop hogs!


-- Chuck

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Trying hard to remember all the details. Back in day day (1969) a friend in 'nam used to ride a tank with an open turrent. Belive it was a light M42 Chaffee tank. It had twin Bofor 40mm Pom-Pom guns with a rate of fire around 240 rounds per minute. They were called "Dusters". Supposed to be anti-aircraft but worked extremely well against any land enemy position. Although they fired HE rounds, my friend was fond of the so called "beehive" rounds. If you saw enemy fire or smoke from a mortor, you just spun the turrent around and "scraped" the ground clear of whatever was there with the beehive rounds. Not sure if the beehive rounds were rounds balls or fleschettes. My friend earned a Bronze Star during an extremely fierce battle where the Dusters "rocked" and saved the day. Sadly, during his second tour, he was killed. But he died doing what he loved most. Being in the turrent of that Duster working those Bofors.

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