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Case for M4 and HK USP


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I contacted Pelican about a custom fit case for the M4. They do not have one but did say they could create a foam insert if I traced the exact size and shape of the M4 and sent it to them. Just haven't had the time to do it yet. If anyone is interested let me know.

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The interior of a pelican 1700 is 35.75" x 13.50" x 5.25" (90.8 x 34.3 x 13.3 cm).


That should perfectly fit the m4 if you have the collapsible buttstock collapsed all the way. It is 35 inches.




I can direct you to multiple pelican dealers if you wish.




That is "the best" soft case on the market. More of a rifle case though ... but with the molle setup, you could attach shell pouches or even big dump pouches filled with shells if you wanted to.




The depcase is about an inch too short for an m4, but the kitcase coming out will likely fit one ... this is for a serious moving/storage/bombproof type application.




Stormcase makes awesome cases that are on par or better than pelican. The iM3100 is 36.5x14.0x6.0 on the inside, which is perfect.


This is all assuming you have the collapsible stock ... if you don't, you have to go up a size.

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Many pictures of pelican cases with foam cutouts, and talk of methods on how to do such cutouts.


They suggest turkey carvers and band saws, that the pros use water cutters and cnc cutters, and that freezing the foam and using a new razor can also do an excellent job smile.gif


And the 1700's .375 of padding on either side of the case does not really concern me.


For one, most shocks come from the bottom, when the case is dropped or moved.


Also, the foam inside of pelican cases is relatively airy, and can be compressed pretty easily. If I was really worred about my muzzle being banged up by a front end impact of some type, I would attach a small, thin, really thick foam pad to the side of the case, which would protect my weapon much better than the stock foam. I am not worried about my buttstock taking impacts smile.gif


Finally, this is a benelli m4 we are talking about, not a n airsoft gun. They don't exactly break easily.


...I'll concede that it makes sense to get the 1720 over the 1700. However, I would take the smaller 1700 case and snugger fit over the increased bulk, weight and obviousness of the 1720 any day.


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