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Your 922r Letters...how long for a response?


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I'll be very surprised if anybody here has written a "922R compliance" letter to the ATF.


What exactly would be the reason for doing so? I am confused as to what you are trying to accomplish with this.


Please explain.





US Amy SF, Retired

NRA Life - Patron

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If you do a search you will find examples of letters written and responses received. They also have the best address info etc.


While not one of them, I have seen a number of members cite and post correspondence with the BATF since I joined.


Again, it's all in the archives so you can see for yourself, but SOME have noted that a ruling for one isn't necessarily a ruling for all. I personally don't see why, but again, search and read all about the debate.


This took 2 secs to find:


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I'm back after not being here for a couple of years. LOL! I have a couple of letters from the BATF regarding 922® compliance for the Benelli M4 shotgun, but they are old news now. The first one says that it consists of 11 parts, therefore only one part needs to be swapped. I put a US-made mag tube on the 11707 that I owned at that time, along with a telestock, only to have the BATF send me a second letter much later saying that they'd made a mistake, and that it had 13 parts.


At that time, there weren't 3 US-made parts available, so I put it back in stock configuration, sold the shotgun, and then sold the stock for $75. Now here I am trying to get back in the game, and looking to buy what will be the third M4 I've owned (previously owned a M1014 and a 11707).


EDIT: Well, after seeing that I had a pile of unread site messages (LOL!), it appears that I haven't been here since before the first one dated 04-14-2006! I doubt that any of the members who posted when I was here still post here.

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The games got considerably better since 2006. 3 parts needed for the M4 with a fixed pistol grip stock. 4 parts needed for users using an imported collapsible stock.


Unless someone has went the SBS route or had a specific part made for themselves, they're not 100% compliant. 4 applicable parts simply do not exist yet while allowing for the use of the imported collapsible stock.


Back in 2006, the majority were running m1014 and 11703 model shotguns. So most were stuck with the old recoil tubes that prevented the use of a collapsible stock in functional form. Current production shotguns have addressed this and there are sources for buying a replacement recoil tube that will accept the stock. Back then, your only choice was to find a gunsmith willing to take on the challenge.

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