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Magpul? Way to confuse the issue, S33.


No, Magpul does not make a Benelli M4 forearm. They make them for the Colt M4 (and other AR-based firearms) ... Maybe Super33 was just covering the bases since "Benelli M4" was not specified.


The OP kinda confused the issue really. He said "foregrip" which kind of implies an attachment which is what S33 was speaking to. Fore arm is the more apt term and I can see how it might be confusing.


Surefire and FFT are the only ones that I know of that are US Made. Botach as well as Brugger and Thomet also make one but they are an import.

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Has anyone bought the FFT lately? Sounds like they were having some fit issues at first?


I just bought one and it installed exactly like the stock one, and i'm not sure you could tell the difference. I like the stock foregrip, and the FFT unit is exactly the same, fit was the same, and it gives you the 922® compliance. Hard to beat!

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