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  1. Wow.....still available. Make me an offer.
  2. I have one of the Benelli collapsible M4 stocks that is NIB for sale. I ended up having all three variants of the available stocks for my M4, and then this extra collapsible. It has never been installed - ever. I'm willing to let this go at a loss over what I paid to move it quickly - my loss is your gain if you are looking to buy one of these fine stocks. $375 gets it shipped to your door. Thanks for looking!
  3. SlowArrow


    Interesting....there are always those business owners that talk a good game and are very helpful when their products don't work - even hold your hand when you screw up. There or others (like Kip) that do most of their talking through the quality, fit, finish and operability of their products. I prefer to deal with the latter. Kip has never failed to deliver, he has executed every order I've ever launched from his website in less than the advertised time, and every single item I've ever receive from him has been the best quality part I could imagine. I have never had the need to communi
  4. If you can remove the trigger assembly and are comfortable using a punch to remove and install roll-pins you will be able to do it yourself. If that scares you, see a smith. It is a fairly simply job.
  5. Yes to all your questions. The kit replaces the internal carrier release, the spring, and the roll pin. The only things you have to add is a drop of Locktite. These are a very nice addition and functional improvement.
  6. And I love mine - thank you! If fact I have an all Ti piece that I took off in order to run your Hybrid. Anyone want to buy a nice 100% Titanium Bolt Handle?
  7. Okay.....e-mail sent if you can get those.
  8. You remember correctly. There is NO co-witness on the M4
  9. Seems like it is not so much of a bargain now.
  10. Can't go wrong with the LaRue mounts - Plus you can get hooked on the Dillo Dust.
  11. Hi Sean, I sent you a PM and then realized you can't PM until you get 15 posts. I'll try to reach you by E-mail
  12. SlowArrow

    M4 Mods

    Hopefully you aren't in Kalifornia.....that stock can't be legal here at all.
  13. SlowArrow

    M4 Mods

    I think there are several posts that show exactly what you are looking for - not that I would'nt drool over yet another one. I think you got a killer deal on the M4 at under $1500.....that is less than I paid for sure.
  14. There was a lot of reall good information in that post! Thanks for sharing some real experience that was clearly expressed and right on point. I was going to just change to the field stock (something about old dogs and new tricks) but now I believe I'll give the PG a fair try. I will say that the M4 PG is the most comfortable PG I have ever tried. Thanks again!
  15. SlowArrow


    I just bought one and it installed exactly like the stock one, and i'm not sure you could tell the difference. I like the stock foregrip, and the FFT unit is exactly the same, fit was the same, and it gives you the 922® compliance. Hard to beat!
  16. SlowArrow

    M4 questions

    Be careful about your local state laws WRT shotguns with folding stocks. In the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, you can not put a folding or collapsible stock on a shotgun with a pistol grip (if I read the laws correctly).
  17. I agree, plus I feel more comfortable with the standard stock - just too many years of using a sporting shotgun to switch now. I was wondering if you thought the same, and it looks like there are several other that agree as well. I am not fond of the pistol grip stocks on shotguns, and I'm looking to add a standard stock to mine as soon as I can. I think I have a standard replacement stock coming to me that I found here on this forum.....at least I'm hoping it fits! In case I guessed wrong, do you have any idea about which other Benelli stocks can be used - or where I could find the
  18. Why did you decide to run the "Standard Stock" as opposed to the pistol grip?
  19. I had already purchased another Ti version from another company, but I think Kip's is enough better than the 100% Ti (I was a little nervous about an all Ti unit) that I ordered one of these as well.
  20. I sent you another PM......I'll take those two stocks if they are still available.
  21. One last time......not sure why 15 is a magic number, but I now have 15 posts - PM inbound
  22. Okay - this should be 14......
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