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Originally posted by loughrj:

I am going to buy a SBE or SBE2 shotgun primarily for hunting turkey. I saw the photos of the SBE2 on Benelli's website and have handled the current SBE. Which SBE do you recommend? Is there a big difference in price? :confused:

I have a SBE and I'm very pleased. From what I've read, I would wait for the SBE II if money is not an issue. Sounds to me like they've taken an already great gun and improved the pattern and addressed the recoil. You will feel the recoil with a 3 1/2 turkey load when patterning the SBE. I expect the price of the SBE II to be between $100-$200 more than the SBE.
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I'd wait.


I have an SBE that I tricked out this fall and am gonna get a SBE2 just cause I can. ;)


Based on the price from MM, the place I got my SBE should have the 2 for about $1200.


I want to see some more picts of the flyway SBE2s. I bet they would make good investments.

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I thought about checking out the flyways edition myself until I saw that they are only making 175 of each edition. I can't imagine the price tag on them! Nice looking gun though.


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