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This is the gobbler that my Uncle shot on Saturday, in Wi. The weather was terrible. 2'' of snow and 20-30 mph winds. We had 6'' of snow by Sunday. I didn't have a tag, so I did the calling for him and his son. He shot him at 40 yards with a facefull of Win. Hi-Velocity #6's, Hastings .660 choke, out of a Nova. Graveyard dead. I love this stuff..Mike



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Good luck to you, D.U. This bird was shot in Florence Co. The northeast part of the state. I hope the weather clears for you. My nephew has a tag for this Wed.>Sun. He hunts in the Green Bay area, and they are supposed to get slammed again today and tomorrow with 6-10'' of snow. This madness has to stop.. Mike

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Just a tad under 10''. He was awful wet, so the beard looks a little spindly. It actually was a pretty thick beard. He weighed 18#, and had 1'' hooks..That's a pretty good gobbler for up there. They don't get real heavy..Mike

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Nice bird!

We got one from our usual accessible by boat only honey hole this morning.

My buddy killed it with his old 20 ga. single shot.


Got a good setup on another one and I killed a couple of saplings with an ill-advised shot at a spooked bird.

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