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HK imported Benelli questions.


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Is there any refrence material out there that shows serial #'s and date cut offs for HK imported Benellis?? I have 12 HK import guns and would like to know a little about them. Also, are all shotgun recievrs and barrels serial numbered to match. I was cleaning my SBE (HK import) and noticed the serial on the frame has a U prefix and the "serial" number on the barrel had an S prefix. ANy help on this matter would help.

And I'm still confused about the whole 4th round in the carrier deal!!! :confused: ;)

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Re: The fourth round in the carrier.

Not sure it will even work on the HK SBE, but I'll try to help explain.



What YOU do to YOUR gun is YOUR responsibility.

I don't believe in lawyers... I believe in Benellis.




On the bottom side of the bolt group, there is a small groove which is cut into the bottom of the carriage. it runs cross the assembly, NOT lengthways.


Filling this groove, until it is flush with the rest of the surrounding flat surface, with a strong epoxy like JB Weld will allow for a fourth shell to be loaded by the following means:

Load two rounds into the magazine.

Open the bolt and place one shell into the chamber. Keeping the bolt opened, place another shell onto the shell carrier. The carrier is the fork-shaped piece which lifts the shell from the magazine to the bolt during the autoloading sequence.

While holding the "floating" shell down, close the bolt, allowing the bolt to slide over the floated shell.

Make sure the bolt is fully closed.

When the weapon is fired, the second shell will be loaded into the chamber from the flaoted position, rather than from the magazine. Shells 3 and 4 will be loaded normally.


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This is from an old site that was up before the 94 ban ended, only thing I ever saw on benelli preban serial numbers.


Benelli (imported by H&K)

(703) 450-1900

I called H&K and they couldn't/wouldn't specify the "cutoff" serial number for pre/post ban Benelli's. Given this, the best we can do is post assorted serial numbers and import dates that will help you guess. If anyone comes up with a cutoff number, please let me know, and also please let me know any serial numbers and dates that you run by H&K.



Model Data

Benelli M1 Super 90 M1507xx, imported 12/01/92, pre-ban

M17142x, imported 1993, pre-ban

M1978xx, imported 08/94, pre-ban

M19833x, imported 09/19/94, post-ban*

M200050, imported 09/05/94, pre-ban*

M200100, imported 09/05/94, pre-ban*

M200111, imported 09/05/94, pre-ban*

M202200, imported 09/30/94, post-ban

M205200, imported 10/04/94, post-ban

M201xxx, imported 10/26/94, post-ban

M210025, imported 01/1995, post-ban

M215900, imported 03/1995, post-ban

Benelli M3 M19199x, imported 05/14/94, pre-ban

M1967xx, imported 08/94, pre-ban

M20595x, imported 11/04/94, post-ban


*Note: Discrepancy between M19833x (9/19/94 post-ban) and three larger serial numbers M200050, M200100, and M200111 (9/05/94 pre-ban). There is no accounting for this discrepancy. All information was provided by H&K and/or Benelli. Presumably the shipments of imports did not come in perfectly ordered by serial number. Many manufacturers and/or importers are in this same situation and that is why they can't provide a "cutoff" number.

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