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R1 Optics - Pass on your Choices


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Wanted to learn from you guys what works/doesn't work as far as ring height & scope combinations.... Pics if you have them.


I was leaning towards Luepold VX with the new CDS system or Zeiss. Someone posted about the Trijicon Accupoint, that may be an option also. It sounds like I may be able to get away with medium ht rings on a 56mm objective.??? I "need" a 50-56'' objective for the low-light performance as some my hog hunting is my moon-light.


I recently purchased an R1 in 300WM, it will be in the gunshop the next few weeks getting a trigger job. I've purchased a few rounds of 168-180 grain ammo, as this seems to work best by what others have posted. The gun will primarily be a hog gun and hopefully, a deer or two every season.


Any constructive comments are greatly appreciated...


Cliff G.

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Congratulations on your new R1! Yes, medium rings will work just fine w/ a 56mm bell when using the factory supplied picatinny rail:




Truly you don't "need" a 56mm objective for low light hunting, most any quality glass will work well. What the big bell buys you is the ability to use higher magnification in lower light, which can be useful when shooting open fields and the like (as is sometimes required when night hunting hogs). I've owned and used many upper medium tier scopes, also have had the opportunity to look through and use many others from friends. Truly the Trijicon accupoint series is one of the best bargains in the business. The fiber optic system provides an infinitely adjustable illuminated dot that is always at "just right" brightness levels. Great glass for the money, equal to comparably priced systems without the fiber optics illuminated reticle.


The R1 excels as a hog rifle, hope you enjoy yours!





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Nice pigs there.... Yes, looks like the medium rings will be the way to go. Thanks for your input.


I really need to look closer at the Trijicon line, specifically your scope (56mm). I currently have a Zeiss Diavari in 56mm used on an AR-10 for hog hunting. If there is ANY moon at all, I do not need any other lighting... It's great, but I'm not willing to pay that kind of $$$ again. I wanted to keep the cost of the scope somewhat close to the cost of the gun.

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As a traditionalist, I love doing things the old fashioned way when appropriate. I hunt with a longbow. I love Savage 99s. But, you gotta love the R1! Since I am very interested in a R1 - in wood of course - and would also like anyone's opinions on using the R1 with a peep site. I use them on my Savage 99s with great success.


I notice the wonderful harvest of hogs with an R1 in this thread. I'd go for the same and other game with a peep sight vs scope.


Anyone have any experience with modern peep products on a R1?


Jeff R.

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I have a Bushnel Trophy 1.5x6 with a 40mm objective and a 30mm tube. I use it for deer in dense hardwood bush and love it. Can't hunt after sun down here people do it but its called jacklighting and you don't want to get caught. Best freinds father was doing it at his father in laws farm one eavening and shot his father in laws horse. Said they looked like deer eyes to him.

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Nice Pix Microbomb. What ring height are you using? It looks like a nice fit.


Thanks for the posts guys, nice pix.... I'll post mine on here as soon as I get it back from the gunsmith. I'm leaning towards the Trijicon Accupoint or Zeiss Conquest in 56mm.


Can't wait to pull it all together.....



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I have the 20" barrel in .30-06 on my walnut stock standard R1 with the Nikon Monarch UCC scope in 3-9x40. On that barrel, I use the Warne 1" medium height rings and the scope sits nice and close to the barrel. Note that it's sitting on the Warne picatiny rail for the BAR, which also fits great.


On the .300 Win Mag barrel (came with the rifle), I have a Zeiss Conquest 3.5-10x44 on the factory rail and they're Leupold standard rings I think also medium height. Sits nicely on the receiver just a hair above the barrel/chamber.


Sorry, no pics.

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