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Nova Slug Barrell Slugs


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I was deer hunting this past weekend, and missed all 3 does. I do believe some was the shooter(me) but more important I am trying to stay with the Hornaday SST's. I can not get them to pattern past 50 yards. Who uses what brand and how tight are you patterns. I am looking for distance.

I am shooting Nova w/Leupold 2x7x33 and cant pattern the sst. At 50 yards the first 3 shots are good after that thy start pushign to the left. at 100.....dont even ask. O and the does were between 90 yards and the farthest out was 140 yards.

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If its a rifled slug barrel on your Nova, try a 3 inch BRI Slug. Works great for mine. I get a half dollar group @100. That combo is (embarassingly) more accurate than my bolt action .223 at the same distance.


Only con I can think to the BRI slugs is some people think that too much penetration and energy transfer of BRI's are poor on deer unless you hit a bone somewhere.

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They are a sabot round, and somewhat cheap. Ive seen them for sale for 8-12$ a box.


Remember, its not just the slugs that matter. I'm shooting them through a Nova, with Steel rings on the canteliver, that were lapped. Im looking through a Bushnell Banner 1-4.5x scope, that was torqued down correctly. if your using optics, lap and torque so that your POI doesnt move because slugs defintely tests your optics and mounts.

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