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Benelli M4


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Can I put 7 non magnum rounds in a original full length Benelli M4 magazine tube?


www.benelli.it claims in the PDF downloadable catalogue that you can put 7 rounds of shotshell ammo with less than 58 millimiter of length in the tube, and 6 rounds of magnum type.


I use Rottweil Brennecke slug shotshells with 59 millimiter length..they are a bit longer. Would it go with 7 rounds in the original military version (european market) Super 90 M4, with full length magazine tube without binding or damaging the magazine spring?

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Some brands are a hair longer and will not fit 7. It's close but that 7th one almost fits but doesn't quite. Sometimes that 7th one needs a push. Sometimes the 7th fits just fine with room for an extra finger tip. You're just gonna have to try it and see what works.

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