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Looking to buy a Benelli M4 14" SBS


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Stranger Danger,


Is it hard to install the Mesa Tactical Rear Sling QD Mount. I want to get one for my M4 SBS w/ C-stock. The hole does not look that wide. Do you push out the split pin and just install the steel bolt? Am I correct in assuming that you don't have to drill or modify to install? Has anyone tried the Sling loop from Mesa that was not push button and which do you prefer?

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The install is a PITA for the Mesa rear sling mount. You knock out the roll pin, then you have to drill out the existing hole all the way through. There is a metal piece inside that must have it's hole enlarged as well. The bolts meet up in the center and screw together. This is easier said than done. It took me 45 minutes of slowly enlarging the hole to to allow everything to meet up properly in the middle. If you make the holes too big, it'll be a sloppy fit and the mount will move. Furthermore, the metal block inside the collapsible stock will not be firmly seated. This block applies tension on the internal nut that the pistol grip screws onto the recoil tube with.



I needed a QD setup rather than the standard straps.

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What size drill bit did you end up with for the final hole size? It seems like I a lot of trouble but I guess if you get it right then it will look cool but if you go to large on the hole then you basically screwed the pooch on your C-stock. I guess I will keep what I have now and just mount the sling to the back of the stock. I just think yours looks cleaner and better. I wonder why they don't mention the install drilling on the web site? thanks for saving me some money.

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They don't want to spook you from buying.


I can't recall what size bit I used. It was back in January. I picked one that had a similar diameter as the shaft of the hardware they supplied. You end up having an allen wrench on both sides of the stock trying to get the hardware to start threading into each other.


You could replace the pistol grip fairly cheaply. They're about 40 bucks at Numricharms stripped. The metal piece inside is the one that you have to be careful with since I haven't found a source for one.


Overall it was worth the 45 minutes of cussing. Another option would be to buy the Magpul UBR threaded QD cup, and get an allen screw that fit the 10 - 24 thread pattern. Knock out the roll pin, slip a thin washer between the allen bolt and go all the way through the pistol grip to the QD cup. Getting the proper overall length 10 - 24 bolt would be the hardest part.

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