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"Speed loading" ??


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A hunting partner of mine used to use a SBE. I remember it having a speed loading feature, in which when the last round fired and the bolt stayed back, you could push a new shell into the mag and it would automatically load into the chamber. Sort of like the old A-5 Brownings do.


The SBE I got last week (used) does not do this.


Is my memory just bad or is something wrong with this used shotgun?

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Thanks for the reply.


I may try to get in touch with my old friend that had the gun I'm thinking about. Knowing him, it may well have been a modification. I was just concerned that this new-used gun might not have been 100%. Apparently it is, because it shoots great. Somebody must have beeen hurting to get rid of it.

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Originally posted by BLACK JACK:

Just curious wouldn't it be just as easy to just drop a shell into the open chamber and hit the bolt return button?

That's what I was thinking. My SBE is an h&k import and it does not do what you are talking about.


But it's pretty fast just to throw a shell in the open bolt and hit the release, are you sure your friend wasn't just doing that very quickly?


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Originally posted by Waylon:

You're all crazy! With any SBEII, when the last shot is fired the bolt is locked open, so you can enter another shell into the breech.

Breech, yes. Magazine (see original question), no.

That said, it wouldn't be the first time someone didn't know what they were asking.

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