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I joined the forum a few days ago and this is my first post. In the past I have


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owned a M1 super 90 and a M3 which I still REGRET selling. I have been looking at the M4 for a few months because the dual gas system really intrigued me. Yesterday, I found and bought LNIB M4 at a local gun show. It came with a nice adjustable sling and looks as new. When I got home my oldest son got excited about the gun so we went to the range, a couple of miles away, to sight it in. This gun is a pleasure to shoot and fed everything I put through it, including; Federal #8, LEO low-recoil 1oz. slugs, Fiocchi 1 1/4 oz. #7 1/2, and Winchester PDX1. All rounds grouped very very good with the PDX1 keeping a 6" group at 25 yards. To say the least, I am impressed.

Now the questions.

1) I am planning on adding a magazine tube extension. I would like to keep it Benelli if possible. What are my options and where can I purchase one?

2) I would also like a good side saddle. What are my optons and where can I purchase one?

3) I have always used SureFire lights on my duty weapons. Is this still one of the better options or what else is comparable quality and price?

Again, if you have preferred people to buy from I would appreciate the links or numbers. Thanks, in advance, for any info and I look forward to being a part of the forum.

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If you raise the capacity of your M4 over 5 rounds in the magazine you will need to add the appropriate number of 'Made in the USA' parts in order to be in compliance with 922® because it would then be a 'high capacity' magazine on an imported shotgun (I know that doesn't matter to some folks, but it's still a major consideration). The imported Benelli mag extension right now sells for the same price range as a full length Made in the USA titanium magazine tube, which counts toward meeting 922® compliance. Made in the USA steel full length mag tubes are less, with the one from Dave's Metal Works being less than 50% of the cost of an imported Benelli mag tube extension. So what's the point of trying to keep your shotgun 'all Benelli' with an imported Benelli mag tube extension if it puts you into the red zone with the Feds?


In order to be 922® compliant with a high capacity magazine on a M4 with pistol grip you need at least three 'Made in the USA' parts. If you use a Made in the USA Ti or steel full length tube, then your other options for two more 'Made in the USA' parts on a fixed stock with pistol grip shotgun are:


Magazine follower (various vendors)

Handguards (various vendors)

Urbino buttstock by Mesa Tactical

Hammer available thru Carriercomp


From what I gather, if you went to the Benelli field buttstock (no pistol grip) then you would only need one additional Made in the USA parts to have 922® compliance with a high capacity magazine M4 if a Made in the USA FL tube is used and only two Made in the USA parts if the imported Benelli mag tube extension is used.

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Thanks for the information. Would an American made tritium front sight count as one of the parts? Who has the USA made titanium tubes? Would the same company also have the follower? Thanks again.


Front sight won't count as one of the Made in USA parts.


Carriercomp has a deal currently with the Ti FL mag tubes, free Made in USA follower with order for mag tube - so there are two parts right there.

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New parts will be shipped shortly. I just ordered the Mesa Tactical Urbino tactical stock with the limb saver and the cheek riser as well as their 8 round pictiny rail side saddle. I also ordered the Carrier Comp full length 7rnd. mag tube with the follower and spring. This gun is fun to shoot the way it is, but I can't wait to add the new pieces.

Sukhoi_fan, thanks again for your advice!

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Personally, I would have went with the SideArmor short rail.



The top rail is better designed, and you can remove the shell carrier when you don't really want it on there due to weight and size constraints.


My favorite shell carrier comes from ThreeGunGear. The velcro strips add almost no weight and squish flat when not being used.


carriercomp gear is top shelf. Their magazine tube, follower, hammer are the route to go. I'd opt for one of their muted Titanium charging handles while you're there. Their replacement top rail is awesome.


Adding a weapon light to a M4 is very complicated. Most of the solutions are poorly adapted. The goal is to avoid adding unneeded weight. The best option I've found is using the M80 and an offset mount. I've found that mounting lights on 3, 6, or 9 o'clock positions interferes with your hand placement unless you like using a Forward Vertical Grip as well.




While I prefer the ergonomics of the factory handguards, the Surefire M80 is a necessary evil. The LaRue Index clips keep the overall size as small as possible without holding onto a cheese grater. Since the weapon light and everything is attached to the M80, you can swap back to factory handguards rather quickly if you are out doing something that doesn't require the light.


The Mesa stock is good if you're running just iron sights. If you're planning on running an optic, the factory collapsible stock is a better option. The middle position of the collapsible stock that is similar to the LOP of the Mesa stock doesn't work well with iron sights. Its usable, but not ideal.

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