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    Since retiring from law enforcement, I founded Check Six Training LLC. The web address is; www.chksixtraining.com
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    North Carolina
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    Faith, Family, Guns, Cars, Coaching Wrestling
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    L.E.O. (retired)

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  1. there is no need for anymore discussion. Thank you all for the well wishes.
  2. My gun shoots the Federal L.E. low recoil slug very accurately out to 100 yards. My gun also holds about a 4-6" group at 40 yards with the Winchester PDX1 slug/3 oo buck, which amazed me.
  3. My box looks the same. You can clearly see the original Bennelli 11707 sticker behind the 11721 sticker. Even though the 11721 is legal for a civilian to own, I agree that it is smart to make it 922r compliant, just as a precaution. I am retired L.E.O. and I still made my 11721 922r compliant. Of course, I still have the original box and parts in case I ever decide to sell the gun.
  4. To my knowledge, that is a very good overview of the different models. Being retired L.E.O.. I have the 11721 with the original box and paperwork. I do shoot it occassionally and enjoy it every time I do. As far as a civilian being a "sucker" for buying a 11721, I would have to disagree. I have heard of many civilains paying for a 11707 and then buying the 11721, or after market stock, at a greater expense, than they would have paid for a "factory" 11721. In my humble opinion, these people are the suckers because they have the same or greater money into a gun that does not have the factory box, paperwork and is not factory produced. After the enjoyment of collecting or shooting the gun, paperwork IS prominance. Just my 2cents.
  5. I carried a Remmington 870 in the line of duty, but I have to say, my Bennelli 1014 L.E. 11721 is my favorite gun. And, being the factory L.E. model with box and paperwork it is also somewhat rare. :^)
  6. I checked Gunbroker and only saw the civilian versions. I know these carry a premium, especially with the original box and supporting paperwork, over those, but thought someone here might be able to give me a realistic number. Anyone else? Thanks again.
  7. original military/law enforcement Benelli M4, model 11721 in "as new" condition with all of the original box and paperwork. Opinions? Thanks in advance.
  8. Congratulations, the gun looks great. Since you are new to shotguns, please consider a little free advice. Bring the gun, buttstock, up an inch to an inch and a half in your shoulder swell. Basically, you will be much more effective if you bring the sights up to your eyes, instead of your eyes to the sights. Second, pull the shotgun into your shoulder with your dominant hand and steer it with your support hand while keeping 80-85% of your weight in a foreward poisition over the balls of your feet. Again, this is only free advice based on the picture you posted. I have been a certified instructor for 17+ years and am still, always, willing to listen to and learn from others. I hope this will help. Though I carried a Remington 870 in the line-of-duty for years, my M-4 model 11721 is what I use now. Most importantly, get as much trigger time as possible. And again, congratulations. Scott Jens C.H.P.D. (ret.) Check Six Training LLC www.chksixtraining.com
  9. WTS: Benelli M4 Standard Stock $185/Shipped (views: 44) -- KeithS/ABQ,NM -- 10/17/11 16:53
  10. Thank you BigHat! I agree with all of your points. I just bought one, that I am supposed to pick up tomorrow or I would definately be making an offer. Actually, M4madness, any interest in trading for sliver coins?
  11. follower, and spring and the fit and finish is GREAT! I followed the instructions, which are very detailed, and the install went smoothly. As warned, Benelli did apply an ample amount of the thread locker at the factory. Following the instructions, I used a heat gun and an infrared thermometer to complete the install. My thermometer read 313 degrees when I attempted to unscrew the original tube and it took little to moderate pressure. I had to actually apply a little more pressure to unscrew the tube as it was beginning to cool. I used the hard nylon brush to easily remove the rest of the thread locker and then screwed the new Carrier Comp titanium 7 rnd. tube in to place. I also used a small drop of the blue lock-tite during installation. I am very happy with the product and plan to buy another for my L.E. model 11721 when it arrives. Sincerely, Scott Jens Check Six Training LLC www.chksixtraining.com C.H.P.D. (ret.)
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