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Used SBE pricing


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If it is like new with the accessories it is supposed to come with, $800.00 might be a figure. Some people such as I myself like the SBE better than the SBE II, so I think that helps keep the value up, particularly if it is a pristine example.


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Fair for a gunshop would be $899.


For whatever reason, the SBE I has held it's value. I think it's all the hype that the SBE II is not that great, which has been untrue for me.


I have owned SBE I's since 1990, and my SBE II outpatterns every SBE I that I have ever owned or tested. The Crio Chokes work better for me for ducks and especially turkeys. I really appreciate all the improvements.


Fair for private party might be closer to $700. I've seen like new SBE I's go for $600.


I sold a like new SBE I with two barrels (26" reg & slug) + the mercury recoil reducer and Kicks turkey choke for $1000.


I'd buy an SBE II for $1099 before I bought any SBE I, used or new...


mudhen - CA

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All over the country at local shops via in-store promotions. A dealer in Alaksa was $999!


The problem is Benelli's MAP agreement that does not allow dealers to Advertise a Price below a certain Minimum level. The MAP agreement is the key to being a Benelli dealer.


You will not see the super low prices advertised, you just have to keep checking local shops for specials and/or coupons, etc.


Several shops here have 10% coupons that can be used on guns.


I hear Gander, Bass Pro, and Cabelas also have in-store promos. Bass Pro had a sale last year on Timber SBE II's - I think they were $1249 at retail.


mudhen - CA

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