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R1 Sling


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Hey guys,


I have had my R1 for about two years, but I have never put a sling on it because it seems as if the sling could cause the nut/field stripping tool to loosen during a long hike.


Has anyone expierenced any problems/inconveniences created by having the sling on there R1 during a hunt or for cleaning?


Also, what sling do you guys recommend?





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My sling recommendation - A-1 Murray quick set sling:




You need it 6" longer than the standard length for the R1. I have one for my son's R1 and my R1 and really like them. Nice to be able to adjust the length for several different types of field carry on the fly and have the adjustment hold.




No trouble with swivel - it won't loosen the forearm nut.


The sling comes w/ QD mounts, removes in seconds for cleaning/bench rest shooting, etc.



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I like either the Unlcle Mike's standard slings (about $10 or so) and I really like the cobra shaped slings with the sueded leather on the inside. I've bought both at Bass Pro and topped them off with the Uncle Mike's QD swivels. I've tried lots of different swivels, like the polymer ones that aren't supposed to squeak, but the QD's are the best. The only thing is they rust on my waterfowl gun, so I replaced them with the stainless version. No problems whatsoever with the nut loosening. I've hiked hundreds of miles in the last 6 or 7 years with the R1 without any problems. :)

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