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Nova VS. Super Nova


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I am looking to buy my first shotgun, but I am torn between an 870,Nova, and Super Nova. None of my friends seem

to own a Nova or Super Nova, so their for I have never shot either of them. I usually either shoot an 870 super mag or a Beretta A391 EXT2 12g, I know their is a major difference between those two especially in price and the obvious fact that ones a pump and one isn't. Any input is helpful, and if I lost you through the question is. Which should I buy and why that one instead of the others between an 870 super mag, Nova, and a Super Nova?

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I've had a one point, a nova 20,nova and a super nova 12. I've sold all but my nova 12 gauge. Im not into the comfortech (I don't think it's worth the money. My nova hits everything I shoot at.




As after as the 870, I'm not a fan for whatever reason. But if you a big game hunter and will be looking for a slug barrel, the 870 barrels will be more available and cheaper to get.

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I am looking to buy my first shotgun, but I am torn between an 870,Nova, and Super Nova.


All good shotguns. I have 870, Supernova and a M4. All nice to shoot.

870 is a good ole won't let you down, been around forever shotgun. Awesome. My daughter has one.

SuperNova. Love it, smooth action and fires everytime.

M4. Amazing and flawless.

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You might want to take a look at the Stoeger M2000 or M3500. The 3500 just came out and they are both auto loaders, The M3500 has had awesome reviews and it also shoots 3.5" shells if you plan on turkey or duck/goose hunt.


I just got a Stoeger M3500 and am in love with it! It also has the exact same inertia system as the $$$$ Benelli autos. Once you move on to an auto loader you will not want to ever use a pump again, at least thats the way I feel. I got my M3500 for $550 and was also looking at the Super Nova but for the same price as an auto loader and the great reviews on the gun the choice was easy.

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WOW! I think your the uneducated idiot! I never said a Stoeger was a Benelli did I? I have been shooting and hunting since you were in your dads ball sack boy! Call any gun dealer and ask about the 3500 inertia system. Call Benelli and see for yourself. Like I said I own both guns and have taken them both apart. I think your the Noob! Get off your elitist pedastool and if I ever see you in the woods I will smack the ***** out ya boy!:cool:


"Pedastool" is one of the funniest misspellings I've seen in a long time. A+ sir.

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