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M2 Cycling Issues


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Has anyone else experienced cycling problems with an M2? Just purchased a brand new M2 and have fired roughly 600 rounds and after the first 200, started to experience rounds not cycling about 4 out of 100. I have tried all different brands of ammo, and have yet to find one that works 100%. Have seen other Benellis at the range and they do not seem to have any issues. Is it time to send it back for service or what should I try next.


Any advise would be appreciated.



Thanks for the input

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Shell has enough energy to extract the spent casing; replacement shell on deck; recoil spring is driving bolt forward and 'pushes' on deck shell into barrel - where is the replacement shell hanging? I'm a little fuzzy on the mechanics of the operation, but I don't think the replacement shell will present itself to be loaded until the bold has cycled properly - if the replacement shell is somewhat 'caught' by the bolt on the recharge, perhaps there is insufficient recoil energy meaning the bolt isn't retracting fully to allow a full recoil - is your gun stock? Nothing extra to impinge recoil moment?

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I also have a brand new m2 field. I put.125 rounds through it with. I problems so far. Hope I don't have this to look forward to. What ammo were you using? Manual says 3 dram 1-1/8 oz minimum. I see some people using 2-3/4 drams and maybe that's a problem.

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