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WTS/WTT Benelli M1 Entry Model


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SPFIMG_6995.jpg**THE SHOTGUN FOR SALE IS THE BOTTOM ONE IN THE PIC.** Up for sale is my Benelli M1 14" entry model. This is NOT a PD trade in like most of the entry models you see out there for sale. I am the original owner of the shotgun. The shotgun started out as the 18.5" model, I purchased a very rare brand new Benelli 14" barrel and registered the shotgun as a SBS and installed the short barrel. The Benelli is very lightly used, only around 400 rounds through it and it is in mint condition. It comes with the desireable LPA ghost ring sights and the oversize safety button. Upgraded with a shorter LOP Mesa Tactical urbino stock with adjustable cheeck riser, 6 shell carrier, limbsaver buttpad and sling loop option (cost $252). http://harristacticalonline.com/Mesa-Tactical-Urbino-Stock-for-Benelli-M1-M2-Shotguns-Urbino-BEN.htm The cocking handle has been upgraded to the larger GG&G tactical charging handle. http://www.gggaz.com/benelli-tactical-charging-handle.html The shotgun comes as seen in the picture (ammo not included) and it is a registered SBS on a form 1 in AZ. Asking price is $1250 (plus shipping and atf transfer fee), very reasonable price considering the upgrades, the excellentt condition and the fact that it is a one owner gun and not a beat up PD trade in. Form 4's transfers to out of state dealers have been running in the 3-5 week range for me lately so you will not wait long to have it in your hands. Thanks for looking and dont hesitate to contact me if you have any question!As far as trades go I am interested in a Benelli Supernova tactical plus cash.

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Don't need?? How about:

Upstairs gun, downstairs gun;

House gun, car gun;

My gun, wife'/son's/daughter's gun;

Primary gun, backup gun;

One model, another model;

and so on.

Or, how about:

Want guns, have guns.



Yes, I have a bunch of posts today. It's raining cats and dogs down here. Otherwise, I'd be shooting skeet right now.

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