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After reading many threads here & doing allot of research, I put an m4 on layaway status at Buds Gun Shop a couple months ago for $1515 total w/ shipping. Picked up the M4 last Friday, finally got to the range on Monday, brought about 100 00 Buck, 25 Winchester rifled slugs and various Birdshot loads. I was banging the 100 yard gong at my range all day (counted 10 hits in a row) w/ the Winchester rifled slugs.The M4 went through the Buckshot & slugs easily but the birdshot it would only cycle 3 maybe 4 rounds than have an FTE. After doing research here, discovered I needed a dram eq of at least 3 & I had been using 2 3/4. So yesterday I went back to the range w/ allot of 3 & 3 1/4 dram eq birdshot, guess what? It ate every single round w/ zero FTE's or any malfunctions at all, about 200 in total before my shoulder really started getting sore (thanks to the 00 buck & slugs from the day b4). VERY, VERY fun weapon and amazingly FAST!..Thanks for all of the great info I have gleaned from this site..:)



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I run my wet with militec and it will shoot even 2 3/4 drams. Wet is the key



What do you mean by Wet. Also exactly what ammo are you using. I just got my new M4 from bud's last night and i cant wait to go crazy at the range.

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