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CC full length tube install help. Snap ring pliers that don't suck?


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I just installed my CC full legth tube. (Purchased about a year ago... decide it was time to install it today:confused:) When I re-inserted the spring retainer using the snap ring pliers, the spring retainer never felt like it seated into a recession or ring. It seems to just be gripping the inner wall of the full length tube. I don't want to take it back apart just to feel the inside of the CC full length tube. Can someone tell me... is the inner wall of the CC full length tube slick or is there a groove for the spring retainer to seat itself? I guess I'm afraid the spring will come flying out the next time I remove the barrel nut.


Also, I searched quite a bit for a pair of good snap ring pliers. I can't find a pair that come highly recommended. I stumbled across a pair of "Irwin" brand at my local Lowe's. They suck. Kept slipping out of the holes in the spring retainer. Barely got the job done. I love tools that make a job easy so I'd like to find a good pair of snap ring pliers for next time. I bet benelliwerkes or stangerdanger know where I can find the good stuff.;)

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I use a variety of snap ring pliers....the heavy duty ones include NAPA tool #3151 internal / external snap ring;

Snap-On makes a good one as well....good tools are not cheap.....but neither is / are screwed up Benelli parts !

I use the heavy duty ones with slightly modified tips, to get them closely appose each other, for tasks such as the snap ring on the hammer pivot axle.



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I bought some cheep ones a few bucks and they did not work at all but funny thing is i didnt even need them anyways it slipped right out.


Also there is nothing that "seats" the holder it just holds on the walls of the tube. I just re-installed with my finger

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