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WTB Benelli M1014


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Just a little north of $1500. It's like new, not a mark on it. Box, instructions, and warranty card. I'm going to upgrade the recoil tube to a 3-position and maybe a full-length tube. Very happy.


Ya that is good price I would be happy paying that if i had extra cash. hopefully I do before they are all gone or go way up in price.

def get the full length tube. I and most here have CC Ti tube and love the fit and finnish it is amazing.

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Question. From what I've read, I should be able to heat up the receiver and then unscrew the original tube and then screw the new tube in. Any worries about discoloring or damaging he receiver?


The magazine? Yeah, G2G.

The recoil tube? That's a PITA and I wouldn't mess with it, personally.

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I would like to replace the recoil tube as well. I'm pretty handy, but I also realize that doesn't make me a gunsmith. What are the "pita" aspects of the job?


From what I understand, adhesive that lets go beyond the temper point of aluminum. I suspect it is the same stuff that secures the barrel extension.


That is just speculation. I know though that only a couple of people have done it, and many others have opted not to.

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FWIW, the 'adhesive' is a 'Loctite' *type* and is green in color. If it is indeed 'LocTite Green 290', the spec sheet says it takes 500 degrees F to break it loose. In my case, somewhere between 280F - 300F was all it took for the recoil tube and mag tube to come loose - temperature taken with a handheld IR digital thermometer.

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I know this is off topic, but what's so different from the M1014 vs the newer models? I know the M1014 has the flag, but is it highly sought after because of that?


I bought one because it has the M1014 barrel, which is a fixed-choke design in "Modified". No choke-tubes to mess with. Mine makes ragged holes at 25 yards with slugs, and at 50 yards palm-sized groups from the seated/kneeling position. Buckshot patterns average around 75% on-target (12x12") at 25 yards, or so. I really like it. It is the 4th M4 I have owned, and my final one. It has all the goodies.


Carriercomp mag-tube.

Black Ti/A2 bolt-hangle.

Custom bolt-release.

Carriercomp mag-spring and follower.

Geissele hammer.

Meprolite night sights.



Basically, it is a KISS shotgun with what appear to be very minor tweaks designed to enhance its function rather than a bunch of heavy crap designed to look cool in front of a mirror.




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