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  1. FLAWLS1

    Carrier Comp

    Are they no longer in business? I tried to contact them, but never got a reply back and google shows its closed.
  2. Mine doesn’t have that. By the way I just bought this March 30, 2019
  3. Does anyone here know why the trigger guard on my M1014 is plastic and metal on my 11707?
  4. Does Kip no longer make the picatinny rail & charging handle for the M4? What’s a good sling for my M4 with the collapsible stock? The stock has a QD point FYI
  5. Anyone have one or know where I can buy one?
  6. I've been waiting since 2011/2012 for him to make more charging handles, but still nothing? Also, he stopped making the picatanny rails?
  7. Yeah man. It really sucks he stopped making them, but not only that his mag tubes take like 2-4 months to arrive AFTER payment first. I've also been wanting to buy his rail, but of course it's not available.
  8. I've been waiting since 2012. So it's best to shop around for other manufacturers.
  9. I just don't get it. Does Kip not have any workers and is HE the one who actually makes them? If so, then I can understand the wait I guess. From tubes to charging handles I can't see how it can take this long. I know there's A LOT of people who've been waiting on the black charging handles for quite a while now.
  10. Aren't they the same? If not then what's different?
  11. Thanks for the informative thread. I'll be spreading these vids
  12. I've been waiting since August with still no luck. I sent them e-mails with no replies back. I bet they'll be available in 2014 sometime.
  13. I'm looking for good pics if you have them in OD. I only know of timer00 who has them in OD green. Post pics please
  14. I had that same gap. I went and shot it at the range and for whatever reason I no longer have that gap. It's the same as the factory gap now.
  15. I'm jealous! I wish I could get my hands on a mint M1014. I guess my 11707 & 11721 will have to do for now.
  16. It's about time! So where's Amsdorf AKA M4fan when you need that video. LOL
  17. I would say there is no "best". There are several companies that make them and I'll be getting a CarrierComp, but you'll be waiting for a LONG TIME!
  18. FLAWLS1

    FFT forend review

    I got my FFT for-end about a month ago or so and it fits great with no issues at all.
  19. Wow, that's a little ridiculous. I've been waiting forever for the black charging handle
  20. I didn't retract. I asked if you would take a money order and I also said I would check on Kips site to see how much it would be for the spring and follower. However, I see this is now SPF
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