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Kips pic rail mounting help


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Ok we all know I aint the smartest and cant spell and now you will know I have no clue if loctite is needed when mounting kips rail? I assume the lil lock washer looking thing are enough?

I have Eotech xps going on it.


I searched for the answer but got easly side tracked reading stuff that was not even close to what I was looking for. One thread started out with the title mounting kips rail. 2 posts in and the thread was all about velcro shell holders.lol

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Guest cleefurd

No loc-tite needed. The convex washers have serrations on both sides, and imprint slightly to avoid loosening.

Tighten to the 16-18 in. lbs. (minimum) and you should be GTG.

While the region and screw count are sufficient for the small to med optics inertia, the area and materials are feeble enough to warrant attention to detail with regards to torque values. Just be careful. No Gorilla fist. If you use Loc-Tite, go lite. 242 med blue tops. Any stronger will be a fiasco down the road if you ever switch rail systems.

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thanks for both replies.

I didnt think loctite was needed but wanted to be 100% I didnt crank down on them but I also dont have any TQ type tools at all. So I will just keep eye on the ones not covered by XPS.


Amsdorf did you check screws from factory of just started shooting? If I notice and loose screws i will use the 242 like Kips mentioned.


I also just painted gun and got it put together I will post pictures as soon as I can get my kid to take some,lol I only have camera phone.

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I also dont have any TQ type tools at all

If you don't have a in.lb. torque wrench, spend a few bucks and get a Wheeler "FAT" Screwdriver. It's just an inexpensive adjustable torque screwdriver with an adjustment range of 10 to 65 in.lbs. They run about $40 and take 1/4 drive adapter bits.




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