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Any Updates on FFT's Trigger package


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I only needed one more part, so I decided to just add the disconnector as well. I was concerned about the hammer, and the pull of the OEM trigger is fine for me. So far, with stock trigger, gisselle hammer and FFT disconnector, I have fired approx. 300 rounds (mixture of rifled slugs and 00 buck). Ive not had any issues with the setup, and I am not yet seeing any wear on the hammer or disconnector. Ill post some pics of the trigger group later, but if you need one more part, I think the disconnector is a great way to go to keep the factory forend

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I just installed the FFT disconnector this weekend. No range time yet. Unless it is made of some lower quality metal I can't imagine it working any different than the factory part. Pretty easy to install. Needed a set of snap ring pliers - bought those at Lowes for $15.

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Installed FFT's trigger and disconnector tonight and big as **** the friggin Cartridge Drop Lever Spring went airborne. Convinced the boss to assist and fortunately she located the spring. :) Now I have three 922® compliant parts installed on the trigger assembly: carrierComp hammer, FFT trigger & disconnector.


Heading to the range tomorrow and check it out.


SD, thanks for the recommendation.

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