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benelli super black eagle 2 jamming


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So I just bought a sbe2 brand new out of the box.so I went skeet shooting and when I went to fire my first shoot the gun clicked and it tried to put another shell in the chamber? I heard that you should break it in with heavy loads? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Well, first of all, when you pull the trigger with shells in the magazine, another shell will be released onto the carrier ready to be lifted up and into the chamber when the bolt cycles after firing. That's what it's supposed to do. Otherwise, did you just stop after that first trigger pull or did you carry on? If you carried on, did the gun fire and otherwise operate properly? Or did it continue to fail to fire? More info needed.

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First, as mentioned above, field strip it and lube it up. While it's stripped, inspect the bolt carrier assembly and make sure there's a firing pin installed. (as an agency armorer prior to retiring, I've seen NIB guns come in with all sorts of missing parts)


If this is the first time you're playing with a semi-auto shotgun, make sure that when you're operating it you don't *****-foot around with it. Let the recoil spring close the bolt on its own. Don't "ease it forward" for that first shot. It's like a semi-auto handgun and not riding the slide forward. Press the button and let it go. Benellis are the only shotgun that I'm aware of that have their own no-fire syndrome called the "Benelli click". In my experience it happens when the bolt doesn't go forward with enough force to cause the bolt head to rotate completely into battery. It looks fine at a glance but if the bolt head hasn't rotated completely into position the firing pin will not strike the shell's primer when the trigger is pulled. Proper lubrication will also help with this in some cases.


If you're not comfortable doing all this on your own, get someone who is familiar with the gun to take a look and even go out to the range with you. The manual-of-arms for the Benelli is a little different than other semis and not being familiar with its operation can cause problems.

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