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Looking for a replacement recoil pad for M4 tactical


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I suggest a possible modification of user technique. I find many people pull the shotgun into their bodies with both hands, along the lines we all hear as children "Hold that shotgun tight or it will break your arm!"


We develop a death-grip/hug type mentality when we hold our shotguns. Especially the 12ga.


However, try this. With your trigger-pulling hand, pull the gun toward your body, firm against you. With your fore-arm holding hand, pull the gun away from you. Creating a tug-of-war. Your forearm will be a shock-absorber, and your trigger-hand will keep the gun firm to the body---but not rib-crushing. It should be a game of tug-of-war that your trigger-pulling hand barely wins, but that should not cause trembling or shaking. Stop it just short of that.


Further, lean slightly into the weapon. 60-65% of your weight on your front foot, torso leaned slightly over your center of gravity, into the weapon, to create this bias. Pretend you are poking the muzzle into your target. An antagonistic "poke" delivering type stance. Nothing exaggerated, but I word it this way so that you get a visual. In fact, here:


Second soldier from the camera, like that (notice the first soldier appears to be a girl :) ):



Report back letting us know how the recoil pad functions after said technique modification. Play with it, 60/40, 70/30, pull-push etc. Try some controlled pairs. Let us know if it helps. I am inclined to think that your shot-to-shot recovery time will decrease greatly, as will the pounding your chest takes.

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That picture is awesome.

It looks like all the shooters are shooting left handed? Are they practicing opposite hand shooting?


Also, thanks for the tips. I will practice this technique. I am one of the 'pull it tight to the shoulder' users and I haven't been able to get a second and third follow-up round down range as quickly as I would like. This should help.



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I have a vertical grip on mine and I use the palm of my left hand to push resistance. This really helps as far as recoil is concerned. I also use the push pull technique when shooting a hand gun. Works awesome in helping me keep the gun still.

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