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Carrier's New Large Bolt Knob in Black?


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I do not have the black one so i can not say anything about it BUT, I do have slight OCD and lil things bug me bad and the muted bolt looks perfectly normal on there.


The black one was a response to people who disagree, but I'm with you, the muted one looks just fine to me, also. I have owned both. The black one is a PVD finish, and is almost an exercise in "how precise/awesome/hardcore can this product be". The muted one won't cause any problems. Buy it, and if you want to flip it when the black one is in stock, buy that, and just wait until he is out of stock again and you will be fine to flip your muted one I bet. :)

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Agree with Unobtanium: I got the muted because I was tired of waiting for the PvD (black) finish. But after installing the muted one it looks good. It is fairly close in hue to the mag tube and barrel, a nice muted gray color. I think it looks the business.


The PvD knob should be available in the next couple weeks, maybe less. I check every day. Last time they sold out in one day so if you want one get the muted while it's available. I am sure they are selling fast.

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Cant wait to get my new extended tube and large knob ! Kips knob sure is a nation wide success ! [ : D

BUahaha... I was born with an extended tube. LOL.. the knob isn't to shabby either.


No, but really I hope these black charging handles come in soon! Can't wait to get one.

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Can I ask a dumb question here?? I guess Im a little ole school but... if you want it black why not just paint it black??


Seriously? To a precisely machined titanium component joined to a precision heat-treated A2 steel component...you want to add PAINT!?


Well, it's a good idea, I think, but I would take it a step further and have it Cerakoated. (However you spell it).


Why Kip did not do this in the first place, I do not know. It would have eliminated color-matching issues and is plenty durable for the external knob surface. Maybe he will weigh in on why this was not done.

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