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GG&G Charging Handle


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Picked one of these up the other day until I can order a CarrierComp one. Fit was excellent and it has a nice, knurled finish. Cons are that it spins freely while installed, and it weighs twice as much as the stock charging handle. I like the look of it though and even though it spins freely, it works great. I'm going to the range on Wednesday, so i'll have a full range report on how it affects cycling with lighter loads and also on how well my earlier stippling job on the forearm worked out.






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Just an FY!, the stock bolt handle will still "rotate" while installed into the bolt. It doesn't "spin" like the GG&G but does rotate on the ball detent inside the bolt. The stock handle, as well as the Carrier Comp handle. are held much more securely in the bolt because of the larger surface area that the detent has contact with. There have been reports of the "spinner" type handles flying out of the bolt when firing the weapon.

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