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any feedback on shell holder that mounts to left side of receiver??


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Just so you know guys, the Mesa Sidesaddle is cut high enough on the bottom of the saddle so you can access the trigger group pin. So you don't have to take it off to access it.




Here's a side view of the sidesaddle. There is a very slight gap between the receiver and the saddle. Mesa Tactical sends you a custom-cut piece of double-sided adhesive foam tape to keep the sidesaddle from marring your receiver. The gap is due to their allowance for the tape.



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Look into the 3 Gun Gear Velcro shell carrier system. It's much cheaper and adds virtually no weight. The carriers are known as cards, so you can have multiple cards that you can slap onto the weapon as needed.


The biggest issue is adding unnessessary weight to the weapon. It isn't about making the weapon heavier that is the issue. It is more about slowing down how fast you can swing the barrel from target to target. Changing the ergonomics can have negative handling characteristics as well. The shell carriers tend to make the weapon hang and ride differently when slung.


I've had both the Mesa Tactical and the SideArmor shell carriers. The Sidearmor is better built, but marginally heavier. Much more expensive too.

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