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Newbie M4 owner


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of coarse buck shot for home D-fence but I just like shooting slugs outta mine. I do not see the fun in shooting any other type at paper at least. Although I did shoot a bunch of buck shot just to see how it worked in my gun and I ended up with the federal low recoil buck shot and another one I cant spell and its in my safe but ill try Hexolite? it is a crazy looking slug with metal shrpnel that comes off it on impact. (poor explanation and spelling sorry) so that is what I load buck and slug wise


but range I use fedral 1oz slugs from walmart comes in a 15 pack work great and ok price

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for breaking in the M4 any heavy loads will be fine (00 buck or slugs). keep in mind that you want to go thru at least 75-100 shells so id buy the cheap stuff. Walmart special ammo (Federal or Winchester super X) or even buy in bulk online if you want. In the end your M4 should eat just about anything from magnum loads down to bird shot without a hitch.

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