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.22 pistol first purchase ?


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Keep your eyes out for a nice old High Standard. Like a Supermatic Citation. One of the best triggers I've ever pulled. Scary accurate too. I chase shotgun hulls out to 50 yards off hand.


I also have a Sports King from around 1953 (I still have the receipt and original box for this one, it went for a princely sum of like 58 dollars back when the dollar had some value), it is okay, but the newer 1973 production (if i recall) Supermatic Citation blows it away in terms or ergonomics, accuracy and parts availability.


They're super reliable with even bulk pack ammo. We knock down a brick and it just keeps chugging along. Your thumbs get tired of loading mags before anything else.


Brownells supports them quite well. I've rebuilt a lot of both of them from the previous owners WECSOG escapades.

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