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Originally posted by sbeIIfan:

i went trapshooting yestraday and i wanted to load 3+1 in my super black eagle. it only heald 2+1. did thish happen to u guys and how can i make it work

Check the shooting club rules before you spend your time removing the plug. Here is an example of one club listed below:

  • [1]All Shooters must sign in and receive field assignments BEFORE shooting.
    [2]All guns must be kept UNLOADED with ACTION OPEN at all times.
    [3]NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES prior to or during shooting.
    [4]Ear and eye protection is REQUIRED for all shooters and personnel on the field.
    [5]No more than TWO shells (One for Trap singles and handicap) may be loaded at a time.
    [6]Load guns ONLY when on the shooting station and ready to shoot.
    [7]Guns must be unloaded and action open BEFORE leaving station.
    [8]No shot larger than 7 1/2 allowed.
    [9]For safety reasons, hulls on the ground become property of the Club.
    [10]Maximum vehicle speed on Club property is 13 MPH.


Your gun manual will explain how to remove the plug. However, for shooting trap, skeet or sporting clays, you will not have more than two shells in the gun and in some cases, you are suppose to have one shell in the gun when on station.


Regards threeshot


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