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FS: M4 / M1014 parts


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I have some 'take-off' and leftover parts from the M4's / M1014's I've owned and 'upgraded'. Here is a list:

(All are in new to excellent condition.)


1 x KZ USA M4 Quad rail system (USA made, 922r compliance part) - $75

2 x new Freedom Fighter Tactical hammers (USA made, 922r compliance part) - $40 ea

2 x new Freedom Fighter Tactical followers (USA made, 922r compliance part) - $15 ea

1 x FAB Defense BM-4 Polymer quad rail forend - $25

4 x 5 round factory magazine tubes - $40 ea

2 x factory hammers - $20 ea

2 x factory followers - $10 ea

1 x factory magazine limiter - $25

2 x sets of factory forends - $30 ea

3 x factory charging handles - $25 ea

1 x factory stock (standard, non-collapsible) - $100

2 x magazine springs - $10 ea

2 x brand new, factory 3 position recoil tubes - $150 ea

1 x factory single position recoil tube (from M1014) - $50

1 x factory modified choke tube - $20


All parts are in new or like new condition. PM for more details. Feel free to make counteroffers. Thanks.

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Just for clarification, they are recoil tubes only, not assemblies - you have to use your spring, plunger, etc. I have personally replaced 2 recoil tubes on M1014's and using a heat gun works perfectly. Basically the same procedure as swapping the magazine tube, it just takes a longer application of heat - to about 375 - 400 degrees. I believe StrangerDanger has excellent posts on this forum about both procedures with pics, etc. I know there are some here that will debate what I am saying, but I speak from experience, as does StrangerDanger...and he will tell you basically the same thing I have.



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Didn't see this thread. The receiver extensions can certainly be removed with a heatgun. It's more work than doing a magazine tube, but it can be done. The same threadlocking compound is used on the receiver extension as is on the magazine tube. Probably the most complicated aspect is timing the receiver extension so the installation notches for the collapsible stock are set right. If not, your stock would install crooked. It's pretty easy to set right though, particularly if you have a collapsible stock on hand. You can collapse the stock on the extension, and use the comb of the stock as an index point. Once it points to the center of the rear iron sight housing, you know you're where you need to be.


The extension doesn't bottom out when installing either. You have to see how your existing extension is screwed in so it is flush with the inside of the receiver. The extension will certainly screw in much deeper. If you screw it in too far, the collapsible stock's pistol grip portion won't grab the threads on the exterior of the receiver extension. The locking nut on the base of the receiver extension is what acts as a jam nut and holds the assembly timed. Needless to say, I used red locktite to retain both the extension and the lock nut.

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They are not the same. The M4 forends have a very slight (about 3/32" or so) notch on the receiver end to accomodate the barrel ring, the M1014 is tapered toward the receiver and does not have those notches. To say the same thing another way, I'll quote Unobtanium, as follows:

The M1014 does not have the "barrel ring" near the receiver. The M4S90

does.To accommodate this, the part of the hand-guard nearest the receiver

will have two very very tiny relief cuts to accommodate the barrel ring for the

M4S90 model.The M1014 will not have these cuts.

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