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Recently Joined The Ranks Of Benelli Owners


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Here is the first photo of my Benelli M4 Tactical which is my first Benelli firearm. I plan on shooting this shotgun a lot as I instruct various shotgun courses and attend others as a student. I've been running drills with it the last few days and I'm very happy with its performance so far. With only around 150 shells through it to date, it's currently only 100% reliable with full-power loads, but I expect this will change as it wears in with more use.


As you can see from the photo, I've swapped out the pistol grip stock for a standard one from the Benelli Store. In addition to the stock change, I've added the following:

Burris FastFire III with 8MOA dot

Freedom Fighter Tactical 2-round magazine extension tube, magazine follower, hammer, and charging handle

Mesa Tactical 6-shell shotshell carrier with integral Picatinny rail

SureFire M80 Picatinny rail forend with M4 rail covers

Trulock Precision Hunter ported cylinder choke


After I find a good single point sling (I'm leaning towards an Urban-Sentry), I think I'll have my M4 setup exactly like I want it. :)


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From another retired LEO, welcome. I too am a fan of the standard stock. Congratulations on getting out of NJ. :D

Nice looking BMW F800GS as well. Only in my dreams.


Thanks, amigo!


Yeah, I got out as quickly as I could! I first moved to what had been my vacation place in Hardy County, West Virginia where I owned and ran a one-man gun shop for six years. Then I met my wife, Judy, who was born and raised in NEPA, so here I am! :cool:

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Welcome to the forum and welcome to NEPA, I live in NWPA. Love the way you have your M4 set up. I have the M2 Tactical also my first Benelli, it has been a great shooting gun handing everything I’ve put through it.


Thanks for the welcome, Frank! The M2 is a fine shotgun! The one thing I particularly like about the M2 is how light and handy it is compared to the M4 which is necessarily heavier due to the gas system. They're also easier to clean. It only takes me one beer to clean a recoil-operated shotgun; two for gas-operated models.:D

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